The "General Marketing" look is a riff on the classic Labyrinth Masquerade look featuring large illustrations, full color designs, and dense color palettes.   The General Admission tickets, Preshow tickets, and any piece of media that was used outside of the event boundaries was designed to match this aesthetic. Once a patron entered the event, we needed a different look to help maintain immersion...
  Labyrinth logo by Shawn Strider. Graphic Design by Al Gonzalez III. Illustrations by Heather Gross and Jake Probelski.
LoJ 2018 Ticketing 02.jpg
 The "Event Experience" look helps immerse guests in the world of the event. Any piece of printed material that was to be used on the event grounds was redesigned to have the look and feel of currency. The Tea Tickets and Coin Currency were that start of this in 2017.
LoJ 2018 Currency 01.jpg
LoJ 2018 Badges 01.jpg
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